Indoor track Team Tryout Format

Nov. 7th – Nov. 11th

On the track 3:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Before you can try out, you must be on the team Email list. The names on this list are used to check eligibility. If you do not have a VHSL physical, have not done the proper registration and are not green on the eligibility list, you cannot tryout. These Item must be taken care off before Nov. 7tht.

You will have to complete all four days of tryouts in good standing, meaning participate in all scheduled activities from beginning till the end. Not doing so will result in a Strike per day

We begin at 3:15 PM, not being on the track on time, not being dressed, and ready to go by 3:15 will result in a strike (unless prior coordination).

The only acceptable excuse for missing a day of tryouts is illness - and coach needs to be notified in advance (ie wake up sick and don't go to school - email coach ( Be aware that on Feb 25 and 26 the coaches will be at the State Indoor track Championship so making up tryouts will be difficult at best.

Complete warmup laps without stopping or walking, not doing so will result in a Strike

You will need to meet or exceed the time standard for the Time Trial Distances designated to each group:

Sprinters: 100, 200, 400 (must meet 2 out of the three)

Mid Distance: 200, 400, 800 (must meet 2 out of the three)

Distance: 800, 1600 (must meet one out of the two)

Throws: See coach and below information

If you collect three Strikes in the four days of tryouts a coach will inform you of your status.

Everyone that makes it through tryouts Must place their gear and uniform orders by Sunday Feb 27th.

Monday Nov. 7th start at 3:15pm

Warm up

- Mile run

o First year athlete/9th grade: run without stopping

o Returning male 10-12: 10 minutes

o Returning female 10-12: 11 minutes

- Plank

o First year athlete 9th: 60 seconds

o Returning athlete 10-12: 90 seconds

Tuesday Nov. 8th start at 3:15pm

Warm up, plyometric exercises and other running drill work.

- Standing long jump

o First year male: 6'-6"

o Returning male: 7'-6"

o First year female: 5'-3"

o Returning female: 6'

Wednesday Nov. 9th Start at 3:15pm

Warm up, Time trials day 1

400, 1600, 200

Thursday Nov. 10th Start time at 3:15pm

Warm up, Time trials day 2

100, 800

TRyout standards
Thrower Standards